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Clash of Clans 6.322.3 Apk File Download

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Clash of Clans is an strategy game where you have to create your own village with troops and fight against online players in all over the world. Basically, it is an action game developed by Supercell, a famous gaming company based in Finland.

Clash of Clans is multiplayer game where you have to fight other online peoples. In the state of winning, you have chance to earn elixir and gold. You can also build building to attack on your front player but you have to attack quickly otherwise your enemy will defeat your building.

You must have to build your own mines to save gold and elixir. Remember elixir used to make more troops like heroes, tier1, tier2, tier3 and Dark Elixirto increase player wealth. gold used to make buildings for new attacks. When you reached high levels, you will be able to create walls to destroy your enemy.

New version of Clash of Clans 6.322.3 in apk form available for download in android devices but read the future first to play more better



  • Create your own village and defeat others
  • Attack stronger by making walls
  • Win trophies of other player by destroying them
  • Defeat your enemies village by Towers, Bombs, Mortars and traps.
  • In high levels fight against king

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