Friday, 23 January 2015

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Whatsapp 2.11.481 Apk File Download

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Whatsapp is an communication application that join you with your family and relatives even allow users to send text or multimedia messages, online documents, voice message and notes anywhere in the world. You can also share your residence area using map or keep secret your location. Whatsapp known as the most popular communication network with more than 650 million active users, it means  every one person out of four use whatsapp daily.

In whatsapp people can set up a group to make conversation where they can share videos, images or audio clips with each other. Group chating mostly used by families where they chat with each other at one place. Whatsapp is totally free for every user there are no premium for signup and make international calls and messages without money.

Other quality of Whatsapp is you don't have to save friend's contact in contacts list, synchronize your account with your contact list than your all friend number automatically save to whatsapp contact list. Turned off notification if they are irritating and turned on when you want.

New version of Whatsapp 2.11.481 apk in market for android devices but before getting it, read its cool features


  • Share wallpapers, mp3 or video clips, documents with your contacts
  • Make group chat with your friends and family
  • Dial free national or international calls without premium
  • Read your offline messages when you comeback

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